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  • Music, Music Music

    Woodblock and pronto plate print, 22” x 24” 2012 collection of Jazz player Josh Abrams and Artist Lisa Alvarado

  • Chinese New Year Print

    Lucky Rooster and peaches- woodcut and chine colle’ with Chinese Spirit papers- 8” x 10”, 2011.. It is traditional for the Chinese New Year to hang good luck prints on the “lintel” of houses and businesses. Five years ago when the economy tanked, I made a “god of Prosperity print” and have continued the tradition.

  • Clo’ Cockerel

    Multiple plate woodblock print and carved wooden matrices - blocks and print created in residence at Clo’ Ceardlann, County Donegal Ireland using a free range rooster as inspiration. 8” x 16”, 2010.

  • Out the Back Door

    Multiple plate woodblock print- The imagery carved onto the blocks are cardinal vines and clematis pods that I photographed out my back door! 14” x 32”, 2011.

  • A Spiral of Glass Wings

    Woodblock print, 22” x 24” , 2010. Inspired by a line in a poem by Maggie Dubris for a collaborative project of poems and prints about bees and vanishing pollinators.

  • Aquatic Root Vegetables

    Multiple plate woodblock and pronto plate print- 12” x 16” 2013.

  • HONK BAND- 2012

    Woocut and Chine Colle’ print- 10x11”. A series created to generate funds for